Welcome to The Midwest Golf Guide

Hi Everyone!

My name is Matt, and I wanted to to create a space for golfers in the Midwest to explore what makes the region great! There are so many respected courses, resorts, and more around here that are all just a short drive away from wherever you might live. From the 35 degree April mornings, to the 90 degree August Afternoons, and back to the 40 degree fall days, we know what makes midwestern golf a great time all around.

My plan for this site is to highlight various resorts, public courses, tournaments, stay & plays, significant news, & my own betting picks for the weekends PGA tournaments. I will also provide recommendations for equipment, apparel, accessories, and more which I can provide links to. This will be a great resource for golfers everywhere to check the list come Christmas, birthdays, Valentines Day, & more!

I can be found on Instagram at where I will post relevant golf content, feature various midwestern courses, and engage with my followers to hopefully create a great community. Hopefully down the line we can create some merch, and get everyone involved with #HoodieGolf.

We'll see what happens here, I'll be learning all about website management by the day. Happy to have you along for the ride!

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